«Marine Life» is a company which was founded in 2010 and is the exclusive producer of sea salt and additives for sea water aquariums in Russia for 4 years.

The producing of Marine Life reef salt is technically the same as any foreign producing. To make it we use chemical elements which brand are only chemical pure, that ensures the absence in our products nitrates, phosphates, silicates, heavy metals and chemicals. The above mentioned is confirmed by hydrochemical analysis of sea salt Marine Life aqueous solution, analyzed in chemical analytical center of MSU (Moscow State University), which was chosen by our company for the quality control of raw materials purchased, as one of the reputable research centers in Russia and all over the world .

Акт МГУ (.pdf):


Today our company works with a big quantity of oceanariums and pet shops about the Russia.



Undoubted achievement and demonstration of Marine Life products quality is a cooperation with the oceanarium "Sochi Discovery World Aquarium" , which volume is 3000 tones of sea water. After testing and ichthyologist's conclusion "Sochi Discovery World Aquarium" has completely switched on using "Marine Life" sea salt since the middle of 2011 year.